Buffalo, NY Andersen Window Installation & Replacement

Homeowners looking to replace their homes' windows trust the specialists at Sunset Builders to select the correct windows for their needs and install them professionally, guaranteeing their effectiveness. Our large selection of high quality Andersen Windows, the most recognized brand in the window and patio door industry, will provide several window replacement and installation service options. Our staff will help you to choose from a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs), including double or triple pane windows, in order to select a window that meets your needs. Our window experts will inspect the windows throughout your home and replace worn or broken windows with new, advanced windows that will increase home values and comfort.

Why Is Professional Window Installation Important?

Buffalo, NY Window Installation and Window Replacement Services

Replacing windows is a great way to give your home a much needed update for aesthetic reasons, but replacement windows enhance your home's energy efficiency as well. When installed correctly, by window service professionals at Sunset Builders, homeowners realize cost savings both on their year end taxes as well as on their monthly utility bill.

Even the highest quality Andersen Windows can underperform when not installed correctly. An incorrect window installation can lead to cracked joints, loss of heating or cooling, and exposure to weather and pests. When windows are installed improperly, moisture can enter the interior of the home, causing damage to both the windows and the structure of your home.

Our window installation professionals are masters at their craft and have experience installing windows in homes of all ages, sizes, and styles. Homeowners feel confident that Andersen Windows installed by Sunset Builders will deliver the beauty and performance that they expect from their homes.

Window Installation Methods

There are two primary methods of window installation:

Full Frame Window Installation

This method involves removing the entire window and frame and installing a new complete window. It is an ideal option whenAndersen Windows:

  • The old window frame is rotten beyond repair.
  • A larger opening is required by building codes.
  • The current frame in energy inefficient due to air leaks.
  • Existing window frame will not sufficiently support the new window replacement.

Insert Window Installation Method

This method involves utilizing the existing frame for a new window. Insert window installation is a good idea when:

  • The existing window sill and frame are in good condition.
  • The existing construction is structurally sound.
  • Casing and trim need to remain in place throughout window installation.

Sunset Builders will properly dispose of the old windows following the installation. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate, as well as more information about our window replacement and installation services.

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